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For Pennsylvania State Police collectibles, visit this section of the store.
100th Anniversary Ford Crown Victoria

Limited Edition - 100th Anniversary Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor

110th Anniversary Sedan or SUV - 1/43 scale

110th Anniversary Sedan & SUV

Was: $19.95
Now: $17.00 On Sale
1972 Plymouth Fury

1972 Plymouth Fury

90th Anniversary Chevy Caprice

90th Anniversary vehicle - LIMITED EDITION


''One Statie, One Riot'' 9 1/2 '' Limited Edition, collectible numbered Vanmark figurine.

Was: $35.00
Now: $19.95 On Sale
Challenge Coin - Academy

PA State Police Academy challenge coin

Challenge Coin - First Responders

First Responders Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin - Flight 93

Flight 93 Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin - K9

K-9 challenge coin


2" challenge coin with patches and vehicles

Challenge Coin - Rodeo

Rodeo Challenge Coin

Challenge Coin - Safe & Free

American Flag and Blue Line Flag challenge coin

Challenge Coin - Tpr Patch/Badge

Tpr Patch shaped challenge coin

Challenge Coin - Women

Challenge coin honoring the 1st women's class in the PSP

Challenge Coin- ''Road Dog'' Coin

''Road Dog'' Challenge Coin